Tuesday, March 31, 2009


This bookshelf demonstrates an interesting pattern.


The light streaming through the clouds demonstrates contrasts to the darker ground below.


Because everything in the picture is black and white except the leaf, the eye is drawn toward it, and thus demonstrates emphasis.


Not only does the picture show a balancing egg, but the design of the picture itself it symmetrical, and is a good example of balance.


This picture shows variety in the way the leaves make a horizontal pattern at the top, and them the bent leaf and other smaller leaves at the bottom break that pattern.


The blending of colors here, and how smoothly they flow together shows unity in the picture.


The blurred background, in combination with the clear focus on the bear and the seat it is on, demonstrates the motion of the bear as it spins.


These books, which are organized by color, show the color spectrum.


I think that this photo clearly demonstrates how the bark of this tree would feel to the touch, through the cracks and bumps.


The use of three-dimensional shapes demonstrates form, by showing nearly all of what the object is shaped like.


I like the use of both straight lines in the structure, as well as a type of horizon line as it moves backward into the distance.


It shows the basic flat shapes of circle, square, and triangle.


The spectrum of colors in contrast with the black of the background in the flame is a good demonstration of value.


The way the the girl is positioned in the picture (in the bottom right corner), leaves an open space in the picture, and the way the girl is looking implies a large expanse of area.